It’s not that we enjoy bragging, however the fact of the matter is there are no awards or categories for best nutrient companies at the major growing cups. And because there’s no award, it’s up to us to share this little known fact with you.

Big Mike
Advanced Nutrients Cup Winning

Advanced Nutrients has been used to repeatedly win every single major grow competition in the world and in all categories. Best Hybrid, Indica and Sativa. Best Hash and Concentrates. Plus, seed companies Barneys, Big Buddha and Rare Dankness (to name just a few) use Advanced Nutrients to grow their award winning seed crops.

Here’s a list of just some of our cup wins:

  • “My Cup Wins that have been grown with Advanced are Sensi A and B or the Ph Perfect Bloom with Big Bud, Carboload, little Voodoo Juice, some Piranha, some Mother Earth Tea… and it all comes down to just not overdoing it with the nutes, not pushing the PPMs too high and a good flush and a good cure… My personal stuff is all that with hydro. We grow some organics and the medical stuff, the rooms that we get to run…but all my personal stuff is Advanced!”

    Scott Reach- Rare Dankness

  • “I love Advanced Nutrients!"

    Jason Blair- actor

  • “I love Advanced Nutrients all day”

    Patrick "Sleepy" Brown – rapper

  • “You are Advanced Nutrients, you are at the cutting edge!
    I guess I am developing a nice solid nutrient profile. A new regiment to really focus in on some of the lines of Advanced – Connoisseur specific, it’s a h*** a bomb line. I want to really get a solid base with it and show everybody just how f***** bomb this stuff really is! Everybody knows, it’s not like I need to tell them!”

    Swurve- The Cali Connection

  • “I like Advanced Nutrients!”

    Nikki Soohoo – actress

  • “I adore Advanced Nutrients, they are the best!”

    Emmanuel Delcour- reality show star

  • “I really love Advanced Nutrients!"

    Nicole Eggert- actress

  • “Advanced Nutrients. I’ve been on that train since 2009 I got to tell you- lot of hype about other nutrient companies. Let the results show you what is up, straight up, let the yield show you what is up!
    If you are not using Big Bud I don’t know what you are using? I like the transition- going from Bud Blood, then the going to the Big Bud and then the going to the Overdrive. If you are not doing that you should probably go to and read the regiment and school yourself up on growing!”

    Brad Panter- Cloud Pens

  • “I love BigMike!”

    Taylor Dayne- singer-songwriter and actress

Advanced Nutrients products

See not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different Cannabis Cup WINNERS praise Advanced Nutrients and share their favorite products in this “behind the scenes” video from Los Angeles High Times Medical Cup 2013: